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Über 8 Millionen Menschen auf der ganzen Welt geben und bekommen kostenlose Dinge in ihren lokalen Gemeinschaften.

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9. Juni 2020

what I don’t like about them is that they adverstise to register/use a trade-based network account like google, facebook, microsoft and yahoo:

4.0 Bewertung
9. Juni 2020

They collect data via google-analytics. But they claim to not do not “sell, rent, or lend personal information to anyone under any circumstances” (
They have some good (trade-free) community guidelines and apparently rely on volunteers:
“Every item should be free, legal and family-friendly.
All members are expected to be polite and respectful.
No buying, selling, trading, bartering or swapping (this includes replies you send to other members).
The volunteers do their best to keep the community running smoothly and they depend on you to report when posts or members break the rules. ” (

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