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Geben, nehmen oder leihen Sie etwas auf Sharebay - der weltweit ersten, völlig kostenlosen Freigabebibliothek.

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2.0 Bewertung
20. August 2020

Sie haben das Disqus-Kommentarsystem entfernt und Facebook hinzugefügt, das so viele Tracker hat, dass es schwer ist, das zu verfolgen :). Sie tauschen Ihre Daten über auf Facebook aus.

3.0 Bewertung
9. Juni 2020

They use Disqus for comments, and this is well known for injecting ads and trackers into websites + – I recommend they use something else for their comment section.

4.0 Bewertung
4. Juni 2020

I agree with the previous review. And clearly says that the ones posting there should not as for anything in return. It is a website that understands what trade is and why it is necessary to stay away from this bad influence. The Google Translation addon seems necessary to deal with multiple languages in an easy manner. But it is worth mentioning that it collects data for Google.

4.0 Bewertung
3. Juni 2020

Privacy Badger and uBlock Origin show some google trackers – that seems to be because of the automated translations, where you can choose different languages. In order to use sharebay, you also have to register an account and provide some data like your address, full name and such. But that’s due to its nature of being a sharing platform where you can share things with people around the world.
Sharebay seems to be a genuine approach of providing a trade-free platform where people can simply share stuff.

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